A Course in Leadership

A Course in Leadership

21 Spiritual Lessons on Power, Love and Influence

Maria Church


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"At its core, this book is about providing the blueprint for leaders to attain the ultimate reconnection—both for themselves as well as for those they lead."
—Angelique Rewers CEO, The Corporate Agent (2020)

The Love Revolution Smashing Glass Ceilings
What if by slowing down, you could rise to the top? Or if a simple shift in perspective could create miracles at work? What if meditation unlocked success?
You could, it can, it does. Prepare for your core beliefs about leadership to implode.
Full of universal truths and tangible tools for real-world practice in leading from the heart, A Course in Leadership draws a courageous new spiritual map to power and influence in the business world.
In this book, leaders learn:
  • how to also be followers
  • why self-care is the most crucial step to success
  • how to shift energy to attract more abundance
  • why compartmentalizing our lives doesn't work and
  • how to conjure up increased clarity to avoid catastrophes

Acclaimed for her Love-Based Leadership model, Dr. Church shines again like a North Star in Corporate America's turning tide against fear, haste and competition. If you want to hone your leadership skills through heightened sensitivity, power listening, grace and gratitude, this is the guide for you.
Maria Church is a corporate refugee with Fortune 500, government, nonprofit and academic experience. She shares what she's learned about leaders with love through executive coaching, teaching and keynote speeches.


Maria Church:
Dr. Maria Church is a corporate refugee with Fortune 500 experience, government, and academia adventures that constitute a treasure trove of very bad boss and truly good leader experiences. She's committed to sharing her love of leadership with anyone who crosses her path. Her executive coaching, teaching, and keynote speeches inspire others to be their best leadership selves.